Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blog post subjects, a year in review

It's been a busy past year of blogging about tea.

I tried branching out from tea and cafe reviews quite some time ago, in part related to contributing to the TChing site, and in the past year that has included a broad range of subject scope.

The blog stats imply that some of you have read these posts (thanks for following along), but I also wanted to share a summary version of where that approach led here.

Some of these posts are my favorites, like the ones on caffeine and pu'er storage, but different people might find different themes more relevant to them.

One of my favorite subjects has been cultivar research, but writing on that was combined with reviews (especially related to Taiwanese cultivars and Wuyi Yancha, with a little on Darjeeling types), so it doesn't show up in the posts mentioned here.  A subject search turns up where it does.

Feel free to offer some feedback on the ideas, or to join in further discussion in a tea group I helped found and serve as admin for, in these places:

Tea-in-the-Ancient-World Facebook page

International Tea Talk Facebook group

Those favorite posts I mentioned:

research on caffeine consumption and withdrawal effects

on pu'er storage and fermentation

The rest, mostly in reverse order (only my favorites from the non-review posts from the past year; I tend to write a lot):

discussion of variables in tasting tea, and a Rou Gui review

complexity versus simplicity in the experience of tea (mostly about brewing)

tea shopping in Taipei, a travel theme post

tea culture in Mexico: an interview with Claudia Aguilera

tea shopping in New York City, a travel theme post 

brewing pine needles as a tisane, review tasting of multiple types

Christmas tea blend: about making one (one of two posts for this year)

Grandpa style brewing: a basic Chinese brewing technique

Tea: A User's Guide: tea reference book review

making tea with breakfast: how to speed up brewing loose tea

travel to Roi Et, Thailand, and on making tea Grandpa style on the road

teas from North Korea: review, and what it took to get them

revisiting making masala chai (Indian spiced tea blend)

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